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Short term Hands on Training Program for Graduates and Postgraduates
Dissertation work for B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil programs

Genetika is one of the largest research centers in private sector in the state dedicated for Genetic Studies. We Have a well renowned team of faculty with teaching and research experience. We provided excellent facility for Research and Training in all branches of Genetics, Cytogenetics and Cancer Genetics. We have so far supervised and guided more than 300 post graduate dissertations, more than 10 Ph.D thesis and completed various research projects in the past 6 years. The number of medical, biological and paramedical studies has grown significantly in recent years. So the demand for better training for the students places prime importance. In this connection we are happy to announce our expertise and facilities are extending towards the students (post graduates and graduates) who wish to carry out their projects or dissertations in any of the above specialty. We also provide hands on practical training in clinical genetics and Cytogenetic procedures. The short term hands on training program include:

  • Basics of Tissue culture,
  • Basics of Clinical Genetics and Cytogenetics
  • Preparation of different Tissue culture media
  • Lymphocyte micro and macro culture techniques
  • Preparation of Human metaphase spreads, staining and interpretation
  • Banding techniques
  • Chromosome Nomenclature and Karyotyping
  • Mutagen induced Chromosome Sensitivity Analysis for evaluating DNA repair mechanism
  • Cytokinesis Block Micronuclei (CBMN) Assay for quantifying somatic DNA damages

Those students wish to carry out their dissertations or training program in our centre, are requested to contact through proper channel.


Genetika is dedicated to provide reliable and reproducible Cytogenetic Investigations with excellent facility for research and training. We will achieve the goals by identifying and meeting the needs of the Patients and Technicians to establish Continual Improvement in the field of Healthcare services. Quality System with ethics to establish the benefits of diagnosis, prognosis and the possible treatment and provide affordable services for the poor sections of the society

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